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Don't get tripped up by totting up points

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The proliferation of speed cameras and the resultant vast increase in the number of people with points on their driving licences has led to an extraordinary number of people who now have nine or more points on their licence. Many drivers potentially face...

Private client dispute resolution

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At Hancock Quins Solicitors in Watford, we offer legal advice and assistance in a wide range of areas where you may find yourself in a dispute with someone else or an organisation.  Common areas where disputes arise are family law, divorce, personal...

Employment law for the employer

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Employment law provides many pitfalls for the unwary employer.  It has become increasingly complex in recent years, particularly with the impact of EU directives.  For example, the dismissal of an employee on the grounds of pregnancy is...

Employment law for the employee

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Frequent changes to employment law mean that clear practical advice is essential to protect your interests if you have lost your job recently, been harassed at work, or have been treated unfairly. You will need to know what your rights are if you are...

Property boundaries and rights of access: what are they and why do they matter?

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Boundaries determine the extent of any land or buildings you own.  They are, in simple terms, the line which separates your property from that of your neighbours. They may take the form of a wall, a fence, a hedge, a piece of barbed wire or even some...

Claiming your rightful inheritance

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If a loved one, or someone you were financially dependent on, has died and either left you out of their will entirely or failed to make adequate financial provision for you, then it may be possible for you to get the terms of the will varied so that...

How to evict a commercial tenant

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As a landlord of commercial premises there are many reasons why you may want to take back possession of your premises, the most common being where your tenant is in breach of their lease terms; such as not paying rent, not keeping the premises in good...

Restrictive covenants: a must for departing senior employees

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Restrictive covenants are a valuable device for employers keen to protect their commercial interests when a key member of staff leaves.  They enable restrictions to be placed on what employees can do in the weeks and months following their departure,...

Double trouble when a property legacy is blighted by a squatter

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After a client inherited her father’s home in Surrey, Tony Irving helped her to evict a squatter and fend off a claim from the local authority for expensive property improvements.

Facing a driving ban? 12 points on your licence?

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Facing a driving ban? 12 points on your driving licence? Advice on speeding offences from motoring offence specialist solicitors at Hancock Quins in Watford.

Using settlement agreements to resolve employment issues

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Settlement agreements are often used to short-cut dismissal procedures, but they need to be handled with care and take account of the new rules on national insurance contributions from April 2018, as Tony Irving, dispute resolution lawyer at Hancock Quins in Watford, Hertfordshire, explains

New rules on debt recovery may delay payment of consumer debts

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New rules on the procedure businesses must follow when trying to collect debts from individual customers could mean that you have to wait 90 days or more before you can issue court proceedings.  

Phantom withdrawals from your bank account?

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If you have noticed a mystery item on your bank statement, such as a phantom withdrawal, getting a response from your bank can sometimes be not only frustrating but can have serious consequences for your livelihood, business and personal relationship.

British citizens with foreign assets - does your will need updating?

Michael Dunville
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If you own property on mainland Europe, you need to make sure that your will includes appropriate provisions. Since August 2015 the EU Succession Regulation (EU 650/2012), also known as Brussels IV, has been in force. Although the UK did not sign up to the...

The courts: comply or else

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Ignorance of court rules is no excuse for non compliance, and can be costly. Decisions of the courts penalising those who fail to comply on time with procedural requirements, whatever the merits of the substantive dispute, continue unabated.  The...