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Don't get tripped up by totting up points

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The proliferation of speed cameras and the resultant vast increase in the number of people with points on their driving licences has led to an extraordinary number of people who now have nine or more points on their licence.

Many drivers potentially face disqualification as a result of another minor offence, under the totting-up procedure. However, disqualification is not inevitable. Circumstances amounting to ‘special reasons’ and any ‘exceptional hardship’ are taken into account.

Fortunately, it is not just the high profile celebrity offenders, such as Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham and a considerable proportion of premiership footballers who have escaped a ban.  Some clients of Hancock Quins have also been able to gain similar results in their own cases.

Our specialist motoring solicitor in Watford, Tony Irving, is a road offence defence expert who often has clients referred to him from other solicitors and has a successful track record of keeping clients on the road.

This service is, of course, available to all clients of Hancock Quins and it is never too early to speak to us. Ideally, Tony should be contacted before a response is made to a summons.

Why choose Hancock Quins?

We provide:

  • a fast, efficient and friendly service;
  • representation at the police station and any subsequent court hearings;
  • realistic supportive advice from an experienced solicitor; and
  • no judgement in any case.

If you have been charged with a motoring offence and would like to challenge it, call Tony Irving on 01923 650853 or send him an email at

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