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Our approach to family law

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At Hancock Quins Solicitors in Watford we take a unique approach when helping you through the end of your marriage.

Impartial advice and discussion

If a marriage falls into difficulties the first thing that is needed is impartial discussion.  Decisions made through emotional and stressful times will have lasting impact on the partners, children, other family members, their home and jobs.

You may need advice upon divorce or on associated financial matters.  Alternatively, you may require assistance with a child case, be it a dispute over contact, where a child should live, an adoption case or local authority care proceedings.

Whether you are married or not, a parent, grandparent or other interested party, Hancock Quins are here to assist you.

Members of Resolution

The matrimonial team at Hancock Quins Solicitors are specialists in their field and offer advice in all aspects of family law.  The department includes members of Resolution and are committed to helping people sensitively resolve the issues arising out of relationship breakdown. We promote a constructive, fair and reasonable approach that avoids bitterness or recrimination.

You are not alone

With almost 40 per cent of marriages in the UK ending in divorce you need not feel alone or unusual.  At Hancock Quins we believe that handling such matters in a constructive way and identifying problems at an early stage can take a great deal of the stress and uncertainty out of a painful process.

Our commitment

As part of our commitment to you, our approach is to identify the key problems, outline possible solutions and if we think it will help, refer you to other sources of advice such as counsellors, mediators, accountants or actuaries who can help with particular emotional or financial difficulties.

It is not irrevocable

Talking to us is not an irrevocable step towards divorce.  As experienced and expert practitioners we can take an impartial view of your situation, which may help to find a basis for reconciliation.  Problems both personal and legal are not always insurmountable and we may be able to assist in overcoming them.  Communication is vital, and we seek to help clients to keep working together to preserve the status quo while outstanding issues are satisfactorily resolved.  We aim to be both sympathetic and caring during a difficult time.

Can I just talk matters over with a solicitor?

If you are considering ending your marriage, civil partnership or relationship, then you may wish to talk through your options with a solicitor from Hancock Quins.  Initially, this may just be for general advice to find out exactly what your position is.  If your marriage or relationship does break up, you will then be able to know exactly where you stand.

Discussing your problems with Hancock Quins does not mean that you have to separate as a result.  We can offer general advice and assistance including advising you on experts who may be able to help you with your difficulties, such as relate counsellors or mediation services.

How Hancock Quins Solicitors can help

We provide:

  • a quality service at reasonable rates;
  • a commitment to the conciliatory approach of Resolution;
  • the encouragement of fair settlement and avoiding expensive litigation;
  • an established reputation for excellence in our field;
  • a fast and efficient service where unnecessary delays are avoided;
  • a specialist knowledge of complicated financial disputes;
  • a full understanding of mediation and the ability to deliver advice alongside the mediation process; and
  • knowledge of family and child issues involving other countries and their legal systems.

For more advice about divorce, separation or mediation contact Glynis Wainman on 01923 650862 or email her at We are waiting to take your call.

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