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There is little more dispiriting than when a house purchase or sale falls through, especially if money has already been spent on surveys and searches and you had thought that you were on the home stretch.

Such was the case with Mr & Mrs P, who were planning to sell their large home in Watford to downsize and retire near the south coast.  In doing so they also planned to release some capital to help their son to purchase his first home.

With a buyer for their house lined up, they found their dream retirement property and started the conveyancing process.  But, as time went on, it became clear that all was not as it had seemed - the dream turned into a nightmare as the house they wanted was fraught with problems and unfortunately the deal fell through.

Meanwhile, the people who were planning to purchase Mr & Mrs P’s house in Watford were getting very nervous as their mortgage offer was running out. They needed to complete by the end of the month or faced having to go back and start the process of getting a mortgage again.

Mr & Mrs P did not want to lose the sale so, having managed to find another home that suited their retirement needs, they asked Jay Asghar, our head of property, if it might be possible to ‘get their skates on’ and complete within just two weeks.

‘The conveyancing team at Hancock Quins pulled out all the stops,’ explained Jay.  ‘Everyone was raising enquiries and chasing responses to ensure that the chain did not collapse.’

‘We have a great team here and it is really satisfying to ensure that Mr & Mrs P, their buyer and their son would not be disappointed.’

If you are facing a tight timescale for your home move or need advice about moving home, contact Jay Asghar on 01923 650 850.

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