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Our family law solicitors in Watford are here to help you manage, in good times and in difficult times.   

Family life is full of ups and downs, with no certainty about what the future holds. That is why you need a legal team that you can trust at your side. Whether you decide to live with someone, have children together, get married, enter a civil partnership, break-up, get divorced or remarry, getting good legal advice can make a difference in the long run.

At Hancock Quins Solicitors in Watford, our family law experts are here to help whatever life throws at you, and to ensure that the needs of you and your children always come first.  From protecting your financial interests when you decide to live with someone in a cohabitation agreement, to negotiating your divorce settlement and making arrangements for your children, our lawyers are on hand to help achieve the best possible outcome. 

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, which is why we take the time to listen to your concerns and to ensure that the solutions we suggest are tailored to your needs.  Where we can, we will try to agree arrangements with your former partner to keep things amicable, but where this is not possible we will use all available means to protect your interests.

How Hancock Quins Solicitors can help

Our dedicated family lawyers can help with:

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Glynis provided me with a calming rock of support over two and a half years guiding me through my divorce, contested financial arrangements and Children Act proceedings in a professional and caring way. Whilst there can never be a winner in this type of situation, Glynis helped me to manage my expectations and stay strong when it all seemed too much.

Mrs B