Making arrangements for children on divorce or separation

Helping you agree how time with your children will be shared.

Whether you have just separated from your partner or are in the first throes of divorce proceedings, if you have children one of your initial concerns will be to make sure that you get to see them soon and as often as possible.

Initially, you will be concerned with short-term arrangements, but as the dust begins to settle you will need to start to think about what should happen in the longer term.Specifically, you will need to think about:

  • where each child should live;
  • whether they can and should stay at the same school;
  • transport arrangements to and from school;
  • how you will cover the school holidays;
  • how your working patterns might affect your availability;
  • how much time the children should spend with each parent; and
  • whether you can each take the children on holiday.

Do you have parental responsibility?

Entitlement to be involved in decisions affecting your children’s everyday life depends on whether you have parental responsibility. A mother automatically has parental responsibility after birth. Fathers automatically have parental responsibility if they were married to the mother when the child was conceived, marry her at any point afterwards, or if they were named on the birth certificate (for births after 4 May 2006). If you do not automatically have it, we can help you apply for parental responsibility.

How do we agree the arrangements?

The best outcomes for children are normally achieved where the arrangements have been agreed amicably between their parents rather than imposed on them by the court. Your solicitor can help you with negotiations and may recommend attending mediation, but if all else fails you can turn to the family court for help in the form of a child arrangements order.

Why choose Hancock Quins?

We provide:

  • fast, efficient and friendly advice at a difficult time;
  • highly respected and experienced family law negotiators;
  • referral to mediation available; and
  • representation at court for child arrangements hearings and orders.

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