Relationship problems - legal separation or divorce

If reconciliation is not possible, mediation has not resolved problems and a legal separation is inappropriate, then divorce or civil partnership dissolution may be the ultimate solution where a relationship has broken down completely.

Your rights and obligations

We will start by explaining your rights and obligations and how these will affect everyone concerned.


If (after discussion or mediation) you decide that your marriage or civil partnership is over, we will help you deal with the administrative procedures and try to make the process as painless as possible.  We will deal with any problems that arise on your behalf and ensure that proceedings are completed as quickly as they can be.

Our approach will always be to provide sympathetic and instructive advice and to find an early solution, especially for family problems involving children, while ensuring that there is the minimum of stress to the whole family.

Judicial separation

As an alternative you may want to consider a judicial separation.  This is similar to a divorce or civil partnership dissolution and allows the court to make financial or property arrangements on a final basis.  Some people prefer this for moral, religious or other reasons.  We have many years’ experience of helping and guiding people to make the decisions which are best for them and which result in a satisfactory outcome for everyone concerned.

Separation agreement

A legal or judicial separation does not end your marriage or civil partnership but allows a formal separation of you and your assets and liabilities. You can still negotiate or mediate the terms or ask a court to step in.  We can draft a separation agreement for you.  We can help and guide you to make the best decisions in the circumstances and which will result in a satisfactory outcome for everyone concerned.

Children’s welfare

Where children are involved in either separation or divorce it is essential to ensure that they suffer as little as possible.  You will want to know that your children are properly cared for and supported in the future.  We can advise you how best to achieve this.  If there should be problems or disagreements, we will try to ensure that an amicable agreement is reached.  This is often an area in which mediation can be helpful.  If it is not possible to reach an agreement, we can explain how you can obtain the assistance of the courts.

How Hancock Quins Solicitors can help

We provide:

  • extensive experience in all aspects of family law;
  • fast, efficient and friendly advice throughout this difficult time;
  • advice on financial arrangements;
  • referral to support channels for your child; and
  • a dedicated solicitor who will work with you from start to finish.

For more advice about divorce, separation or mediation contact us on 01923 650862. We are waiting to take your call.