Tony Irving


I specialise in resolving disputes for companies, families and individuals in Watford and across Hertfordshire.  I am also a director of Hancock Quins Solicitors, and so concerned that all our clients receive the best possible legal advice and a responsive service.

Whatever the nature of a dispute, it is important to try to find the best possible outcome for our clients, ideally ensuring that personal and commercial relationships are not irretrievably damaged.  My approach is methodical, strategic and pragmatic; avoiding court where possible.

I have a variety of tactics in my repertoire, including correspondence, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation and arbitration.

If cases require litigation and must go to court then, as a member of the Solicitors’ Association of Higher Courts Advocates, I can represent clients in the courts that are usually reserved for barristers (not all solicitors are qualified to do this). This makes it more cost-effective for clients, as I can take a case from the very beginning to trial and beyond.

I advise entrepreneurs, company managers and directors on a wide range of business disputes, covering issues such as:

  • employment law;
  • bad debts or insolvency;
  • contractual disputes;
  • professional negligence; or
  • fraud and white-collar crime.

Acting for property developers and investors, home owners, landlords and tenants, I advise on disputes over:

  • access or boundaries;
  • co-ownership;
  • breach of tenancy or lease conditions; or
  • possession claims.

I also advise private clients and families on

  • inheritance disputes 
  • discrimination at work or unfair dismissal;
  • motoring offences.

My outside interests are pretty varied and include stargazing, tennis, cycling, and growing things.

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